Node.js security best practices

Web attacks explode these days as security comes to the front of the stage. I’ve compiled over 23 Node.js security best practices (+40 other generic security practices) from all top-ranked… Read More →

Checklist: Node.JS production best practices (August 2018)

Last updated: 5th August 2018 Welcome to my comprehensive collection of tips on running Node.JS in production. It aims to summarize most of the knowledge gathered to date from the… Read More →

Checklist: Best Practices of Node.JS Error Handling (2018)

Last updated: 05/05/2018 This post summarizes and curates most of the knowledge gathered to date on Node error handling. It contains more than 35 quotes, code examples and diagrams from the… Read More →

What truly matters when choosing DB for a large-scale project

When tasked to choose a database product for a “web scale” project that constitutes gigantic data and traffic, the amount of criteria to consider might be overwhelming. This post aims… Read More →

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