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I’m a web-application development expert and Node.JS specialist. In the last 17 years, I develop, consult, train, and sometimes dream about software. Among my customers are some prominent US-based and Israeli enterprises. Read 3 paragraphs about me here or learn about my Node.JS consultation and development services or visit my GitHub page


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Prettier is now part of our best practice, see section 3.1 @PrettierCode https://t.co/dJ0kv3PChC #NodeJS

Help us decide whether AVOIDING backward require 'require(../../..)' should be our new best practice? https://t.co/iQww2h2oST

#NodeJS #javascript

#nodejs best practices guide is being translated into Chinese by the community https://t.co/dJ0kv3y0T2

Ever heard about 'Screaming architecture'? now part of our #nodejs best practice recommendation https://t.co/LRb6QylBY3

Suggest any minor improvement to the #NodeJS best practices guide and get your flower of honor. Suggest new best practice and get our first star ever https://t.co/dJ0kv3PChC

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