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I’m a web-application development expert and Node.JS specialist. In the last 17 years, I develop, consult, train, and sometimes dream about software. Among my customers are some prominent US-based and Israeli enterprises. Read 3 paragraphs about me here or learn about my Node.JS consultation and development services or visit my GitHub page


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#NodeJS Best Practice #number 2.9: Discover hidden errors using APM products - proactively gauge your codebase or API so they can automagically highlight errors, crashes and slow parts that you were missing @newrelic @keymetrics_io @datadoghq @getsentry


hooray, @kylemartin_93 is the first to be assigned a star! for suggesting a new #NodeJS best practice - Bullet 5.17 https://t.co/zdR8McHkuT

#nodejs best practice: document API errors using Swagger so the client can compensate, recover and present the best UX for the situation https://t.co/nuvqf0dcLM

#vscode debugger is almost useless without these two lines #nodejs #javascript

#NodeJS best practices: Assign the same identifier, transaction-id: {unique value}, to each log statement. Then when inspecting errors in logs, across #microservices, easily get the whole story and conclude what happened before and after

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